Jacksonville Jaguars Looking Forward 2015 Draft

In the NFL, only the strong survive, and struggling teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars are destined to either improve or become the league’s laughingstock. The secret for success is this: Good teams build up an effective and balanced combination of defense and offense. With a good offensive line, the quarterback could have up to seven seconds in the pocket, and any good quarterback can be a great quarterback with a seven second pocket.

Luckily for the Jaguars, they already have a good quarterback, but their offensive line is far from spectacular and Blake Bortles, who was a top ten first round draft pick for the Jags out of University of Central Florida, just completed his rookie season with the Jags which turned out to be great addition to the team and so far has favored the statistics of the Jacksonville Jaguars increasingly. He has a lot of talent but has never really had a receiver that can catch the strong passes he can shoot out.

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Another problem for the Jags is the fact that Blake Bortles doesn’t have decent blockers. Half of his snaps end with evasive maneuvering—all due to Jacksonville’s insufficient line. Bortles isn’t a small guy, either. He stands at 6’5” weighing in at around 230 pounds. The thing is, you can have a quarterback who’s seven feet tall and three hundred pounds who can throw for a thousand yards, but it won’t be worth anything if there isn’t anyone there to stop the defense from sacking him. The blocking just isn’t good enough for the Jags, and the numbers just don’t add up.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have hit top ten first round draft picks for the past seven seasons, and for the past three years the picks have been in the top five. Two of the draft picks were QB, two were OT, two played defensive positions, and another player was a WR. Theoretically, Jacksonville’s starting offensive lineup would have half their players being some of the most sought after players in the country. If only the Jags could open their eyes and realize that all they need is someone to cover up Bortles’s blindside. If there is any slight possibility of having a decent left tackle lined up for him, maybe Bortles wouldn’t have gotten sacked 71 times in the season of 2014. That’s just brutal, and someone needs to be able to stop the linebacker that’s rushing at the Jaguars only saving grace.

There is an argument to be made that if a team wants to stop losing than they should draft players who can stop the opponent from scoring. It’s true, of course, but if the team wants to get some actual points up on the scoreboard, then they need an offensive line.

Clearly the only way they have to fulfill the expectations is what seems to be  impossible, is to build up that strong pocket. That’s what most successful quarterbacks do. Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers have some of the best pockets in the NFL, and for the past couple of years they have dominated the passing rates for the league. The truth lays in the numbers, and the numbers are yelling it in the Jaguars’ ear.

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